Dojo Practices

We make pages here mostly for the making experience.

july 2020

Forsyth Criteria refactored.

Ward's Static Graphviz guided by Eric

Using Templates for Diagrams for simpler workflow.


Bohm Dialogs with our collaborative medium.

Best Cities as dojo experiment.


Structured Discourse document conversion

Challenges of Policing using wiki to explore this question

Write Together on an unowned site until claimed.

Registration Workflows suitable for neighborhoods?

Embodiment Hypothesis 2015 Lakoff's life in linguistics.

Who's Work is This Really and how do we know?

Police Breaking Windows told concisely.

Eclipse Portal Defined by visualizing the tests.

Chorus of Voices within a neighborhood.

Find the Docs in a dozen good places.

Renown System Scientists books and bios.

Sites, Pages and Twins as test network dataset.


Live State Translating Diagrams in two applications.

Personas for whom wiki was intended to serve.

Better Federation Search should see words in titles.

Pete Forsyth Recommends long form writing.

Body-Decision Diagrams discovered from pages.


How We Like To Read pages in the federation.

Typed Links in Pages drawn with Graphviz.


Hangout Transcripts converted to paragraphs.

Photo to Wiki via iPhone scriptable.

Remembering Microtalk anticipating more.

One Hundred Steps to knowing programming language.

Storycraft a journalistic method and shape of result.

Entity Traffic simulated and visualized.

About Calendar Plugin as a feature of alignment

Graphs Made of Parts that cold have been pages.

Writing Assignments with easy to follow rules.

Creative Automation in Highsmith pages.

jan 2021

Cartesian Icosahedron enumerated vertices.


Title Case Preservation especially with Graphviz.


All About Plugins in a site full of about pages.

Tempting the Wrath of Twitter expressing favorites.

Tenth Requisite spoiler alert.

Click Edge Labels coded live, 9.5.

Hammurabi Plugin as coding exercise.

Automation as Team Player in the wiki context.

Open Learning hosted by Robert Best

Flourishing of the Playful and reaction-difusion


Need Help with Git fixing my monorepo

Clock Slotted Log observing websocket fail and recover.

Relabeling Diagrams with user generated input.

Testing Marc's Bar Chart as an asset in a frame.

Trails Locate and Extract as reusable html script.

Functional Testing to preserve creativity.


Index of Supplements to encourage the practice.

The VSM Guide import from html.

Green Rising import from epub.

Power Transporter where Frame replaces plugin.


Power Transporter Tour in small episodes.

Deep JavaScript for when it matters.

Add Content with Script from command line

Test Link Resolution is a page with long history


Print All Pages for draft publication

Page Printing Jobs that I can test.

Print Script Operation preliminary details.

Print Strategies for hypertext offline.

Clickable SVG in a Frame script.