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Can we refactor old wiki pages by dragging items into new pages? And can we notify old wiki readers of "twins" made this way?

I tried dragging a paragraph out of the original wiki. This worked producing a textClipping file. page


The contents of textClipping files are not stored inside the actual data "fork" of the file, and the files cannot easily be shared between Macs or sent to other machines like an attachment. Opening the textClipping file in most applications will show a 0 byte empty data file. When macOS views or performs an action on a textClipping file, it performs a lookup of the file's resource fork where the contents are actually stored. wikipedia

# Export

Another approach would be to download whole pages as fodder for drag and drop within wiki itself. Click [share] to download the page in export.json format. We could create a series of ghost pages representing sections of a lengthy source page where paragraphs are isolated as Items with consistently constructed identifiers.


Here we have hardwired an html script to export sections of the WardCunningham page. After some experimentation we think this would be better if it were coded in wiki.c2.com to accumulate a few parts of a few pages and then download.

My script fails when served from an asset folder. Looks as if this requirement for secure context was made back in 2016. list issue

Generate a Hash from string in Javascript. cyrb53, a simple but high quality 53-bit hash. It's quite fast, provides very good hash distribution, and because it outputs 53 bits, has significantly lower collision rates compared to any 32-bit hash. stackoverflow

# Select

The prototype implementation above has shown us several thing. Most significant is that even as headlines a legacy page brought into federated wiki will overload anyone trying to follow a thread from the original site.

We consider adding a bit of federated wiki's refactoring logic to the old wiki thankfully now implemented in javascript. We have a mockup. expand

Just looking at this mockup convinces me that click to add will be a terrible interface because one would have to click in exactly the desired order. Better to drag paragraphs to where the would go on a new page and maybe drag them around or out once they are there.

Now that I can imagine this I want it even more. We've talked about making wiki pages reconfigurable enough that they can be inserted into other applications. This is a step further because we want drag and drop to come along with the page. We've been exploring here before but have not had an application that drives decision making. This might be that app. See Old Wiki Modules