Entity Traffic

Lunchtime visualization experiments with Beth, Joshua, Eric and Ward. github

We are working with an entity diagram by Beth and Joshua. edotor

wiki.randombits.xyz ward.dojo.fed.wiki

The goal is three fold: simulate traffic in a system where entities are represented at multiple levels of precision, visualize the behavior many ways to develop informed preferences, and, impair the visualizations as one would expect in real world instrumentation so as to judge the sensitivity of each method.

Demo: click foo or sim, then watch the console log.


We tried displaying counts and incrementing by 1 but accidentally concatenated with 1 which make a neat bar graph. We liked this mistake better and improved it.


# Visuals

We desire signals that are trustworthy and informative. Trust is enhanced by simple code and double checks. Insight by successful abstraction.

Console log. Easy code but weak abstraction. Double check new work with logging then discard.

See Table-Top Augmented Reality for newer and ongoing work in its historical context.

# Resources

The C4 model for visualizing software architecture. Context, Containers, Components, and Code. site