Hammurabi Plugin

As the ruler of ancient Samaria your duties are to dispense food, direct farming, and buy and sell land as needed to support your people. github github

The plugin displays the current situation and offers a button to advance to the next year. Each year is recorded in the Journal so that one can return to play years over.

In year 1 the population is now 100.

  • 0 people starved to death.
  • 5 people entered the kingdom.

    You have 2800 bushels in storage.

  • 3000 bushels at 3 bushels per acre.
  • 200 bushels eaten by rats.

    The city owns 1000 acres of land.

  • 20 new acres at 19 bushels per acre.
  • 0 deaths from the plague.

  • # Markup

    The ruler's decisions are recorded in markup and can be revised at any time.

    Say BUY or SELL acres — at market rates.

    Say FEED bushels — to people, 20 bushels each.

    Say PLANT acres — one bushel seed per acre.


    See Hammurabi Project that intends to capture a half-dozen individually meaningful "snippets" of code that can be assembled in principle to build this plugin.