How To Manage Assets

We will consider how to manage proliferating assets. Graph files provide a good example because we encourage making small files and then selectively merging them to make larger files.

# Collection

When creating a number of small files for a purpose, create a carefully named page that recalls that purpose and describe that purpose in the synopsis.

If you were to make a page titled Portland Family Services we would configure an asset folder to be named with that slug inside a pages folder.


If you were to capture graphs of services they could be saved in this folder as source materials and named accordingly.

homeless.graph.json immigration.graph.json welfare.graph.json

More specialized perspectives might use prefixes to identify their nature. Prefixes will sort together in an alphabetized listing.

eval-homeless.graph.jso eval-welfare.graph.json fund-homeless.graph.json fund-welfare.graph.json

If you wanted to reuse names you could make more specific asset folders. Say you were collecting data annually. (Check: do we handle this case well?)

pages/portland-family-services/2020 pages/portland-family-services/2021 pages/portland-family-services/2022

# Aggregation

We anticipating composing graphs in multiple ways serving multiple purposes. We would expect aggregates to be collected on a new page titled in a way that suggests the purpose of the aggregation with a synopsis that describes how that purpose will be met.

If you were to make a page, Northwest Homeless Services, then it could collect useful composites in its own appropriately named asset folder.


Files here would be constructed by composing the relevant source files for each city under consideration.

medford-homeless.graph.json portland-homeless.graph.json seattle-homeless.graph.json

# Collaboration

When working with others one should pick pages names that work well for all participants. Should any of these pages be forked, the forked copy will show local and remote files.

Collaborators are encouraged to work in the large internet provided with http. Cross protocol sharing is sometimes possible but not reliable.

One can search to find forks of pages based on the page slug found in the folder names we suggest.