Immediate Editing

We show plugins with the capability to edit their markup with click or drag operations. We wonder if all are consistent with how they interact with the Journal and browser local storage.


Shift-double-click a Map to add a marker or use Map's search feature to add a place.

SEARCH 42.3755392, -71.0878944 38.9191524, -77.0453167


Click a Markdown check-box to toggle checks.

- [ ] Good Software - [x] Fast Software - [x] Cheap Software


Click to rate "Apocalypse Now"

Apocalypse Now

Click to rate "Dr. Strangelove"

Dr. Strangelove


Drag a Graph page flag to another Graph plugin.

Welcome Visitors --> HERE Dojo Practices --> HERE Node


Type letters to MorseTeacher to changes its appraisal.

a .- 17 e . 20 i .. 16 o --- 24 u ..- 13


Test sequence: 1) create page, 2) logout, 3) edit each item, 4) login, 5) continue editing local page, 6) export changes, 7) discard changes, 8) observe permanent changes.

View results: 1) view rev46, 3) all edits show in local page, 5) all edits continue to show, 6) only some changes exported, 8) only some changes recorded by server

Conclusion: All edits show in dom, logged out edits go to local storage, logged in edits go to server.

Independent experiment shows the text editor works similarly.