Need Help with Git

Damn. I've messed up my local git repo full of asset files distributed throughout wiki. I accidentally committed more files than intended and want to undo this commit.

1051 git diff . 1052 git add signals.html 1053 git commit -m 'expire' 1054 git log

I commit code that properly expires departed stations.

1055 git diff . 1056 git add signals.html 1057 git commit -am 'clock slotted log' 1058 git log

I commit code that logs websocket events.

But, oops, I picked up some random work in progress from other directories in this monorepo. How to fix this?

1059 git status 1060 git log 1061 git diff 6f9b4ff804a47c3bc2fee0c41c18aaf4a40fd746 1062 git reset --soft HEAD~1 1063 git log

I seek help from google and find what seems just the right thing. It says it will return everything to staging where I can unstage unwanted files. But it doesn't. post

1064 git status git diff a6e6cfd533d94710b67602a0606366d23f278826 1065 git log 1066 git diff 055d65c8f4bd5c449c83397d0f2e4680ba5749a1 1067 git log

It doesn't appear to have done anything. I still have lots of unwanted code in my latest commit.

1068 git checkout a6e6cfd533d94710b67602a0606366d23f278826 1069 git stash . 1070 git stash 1071 git log 1072 git checkout a6e6cfd533d94710b67602a0606366d23f278826 1073 git status 1074 git log

I think, let's just checkout the earlier commit. It says to stash uncommitted work. I do. (What work?)

1075 git stash pop 1076 history

I pop the stash. Get conflicts. Examine the file and don't see the code that I am trying to commit. I'm over my head. Will need to retrace my steps with an expert.


See Clock Slotted Log for the code I'm checking in.


I thought I fixed these but now they seem accidentally checked in. No. The pending modifications were lost. Damn. But I did have current copies in wiki assets.

../../pages/experimental-assets/draw.html remote page color logic in asset but discarded. ../../pages/snippet-template/basicjs.html show html result recovered from asset ../../pages/workflow-automation/creeknames.html dolink of trail recovered from asset