Parks on the Air

The June, 2022 issue of the amateur radio journal, QST, told the story of a ham radio operator activating two as yet never activated locations in North Dakota while on a family vacation. site activity

This raised the question, where are POTA locations near my home? I couldn't see where the coordinating site offered this information so I scraped their server and computed it myself. github

42.4068,-120.289 K-2823 Chandler Wayside 48.9945,-117.37 K-3175 Crawford 48.6325,-122.787 K-3181 Doe Island 48.3988,-122.57 K-3199 Hope Island 48.5112,-122.774 K-3204 James Island 48.0087,-122.69 K-3210 Kinney Point 48.7842,-122.955 K-3245 Patos Island 45.552,-122.295 K-3256 Reed Island 48.5357,-122.557 K-3260 Saddlebag Island 48.4137,-122.579 K-3268 Skagit Island 48.5344,-122.862 K-3271 Spencer Spit 47.3296,-122.82 K-3277 Stretch Point 48.6763,-123.204 K-3278 Stuart Island 48.3221,-120.672 K-3380 Lake Chelan 46.5489,-119.496 K-4375 Manhattan Project (Hanford) 48.6812,-117.75 K-5570 Little Pend Oreille 48.0567,-123.506 K-5572 Olympic Peninsula 46.0857,-116.983 K-6473 Chief Joesph 46.3602,-117.671 K-6556 W.T. Wooten 46.2616,-117.298 K-6583 Asotin Creek 41.9938,-120.322 K-9148 Goose Lake 44.4643,-124.08 K-9542 Driftwood Beach

parks.filter(park => park && !park.firstActivator && ['Oregon','Washington'] .includes(park.locationName))

This activity reminds me of Confluence Hunting or Geocaching, both of which create an activity by proposing rules and keeping score with a website.

Looking south.

41.0999,-121.412 K-1121 Ahjumawi Lava Springs 39.7569,-120.697 K-1185 Plumas Eureka 39.9002,-123.918 K-1197 Sinkyone Wilderness 39.2461,-121.803 K-1201 Sutter Buttes 42.4068,-120.289 K-2823 Chandler Wayside 39.6469,-123.617 K-3393 Admiral William Standley 37.4642,-119.948 K-3414 California State Mining and Mineral Museum 36.947,-121.813 K-3417 Castro Adobe 38.0409,-121.611 K-3437 Franks Tract 36.1194,-121.631 K-3450 John Little Reserve 39.2333,-123.383 K-3478 Montgomery Woods Reserve 36.514,-121.921 K-3538 Point Lobos Ranch 39.1753,-120.136 K-3576 Tahoe 40.0568,-123.976 K-7379 King Range 41.9938,-120.322 K-9148 Goose Lake 44.4643,-124.08 K-9542 Driftwood Beach