Printing Story & Garden

We consider how to collate one or more sequential stories in a printable document with an alphabetized garden as the appendix.

See Story Telling for delaminated approach.



We employ collaborative links which consist of a title and the context necessary to find the desired page within the federation.

All links have sufficient context with the Page, the Journal or the Reference that holds the link. Links do not depend on the dynamic neighborhood within the lineup.

# Tiers

We follow links from the first links provided to find all of the pages to become part of the document. A page is said to be on a tier along with the links found on that page.

Tiers are numbered according to how many links were followed to reach a page. The starting links are at tier 0. That is, tier 0 links are followed to find the first pages along with their links at tier 1.

Links compose pages into a tree which is traversed depth first recognizing tiers are they are entered. The first few tiers are printed in the order encountered as stories. Subsequent tiers, to a limit, are collected and alphabetized as the garden.

# Configuration

We configure a printing by specifying with radio buttons how many tiers are to be printed sequentially and then how many more tiers are to be clumped alphabetically.

0,0 will recognize the starting links but not print any pages.

0,3 will alphabetize and print tier 1, 2 and 3 pages.

1,1 will print tier 1 in the order, then tier 2 alphabetically.

# Conditions

An excluded or otherwise non-existent page may still be thought of occupying a tier.

A page may or may not link to a page in an earlier tier but in no case will it create duplicate output.