Structured Discourse

We'll translate an html document into wiki export.json format by inserting a script tag for translate.js at the end of the original. Loading the original will run the translator and download the export file. Drag this to any wiki to retrieve contents. source

Our translate.js follows this outline.

for each p tag if prev(p) is h tag save old page with completed journal start new page titled text(h) add paragraph of text(p)

We deleted a trailer with many unresolved links.

We struggled with   showing in innerText as some non-ascii space so we removed all of them.


We've saved a couple of converted pages to facilitate conversation as to writing style in hypertext.


DOT strict digraph rankdir=LR node [shape=box style=filled] HERE WHERE FOLD new LINKS node [fillcolor=bisque] HERE NODE LINKS node [fillcolor=white] HERE LINKS HERE -> NODE HERE LINKS HERE -> NODE

Tip: Click the create action ☼ for these two pages to see how they appeared with extracted and not yet refactored.