Tempting the Wrath of Twitter

I wrote a pitch for modern javascript and thought I would share it on twitter. I first had to prove that I was polyglot, not just a fanboy. twitter

I learned to program in iitran. Soon after I learned snobol and apl which became favorites displaced eventually by smalltalk and then perl and ruby during the internet age. But lately I've been liking javascript. Here is why.

Of course I have written a lot of fortran and c along the way. Even some algol, pl1 and lisp so I know and admire that heritage. I could have python, rust or go in my future. But today it is javascript.

How could I forget java? Yes lots of java and some c++ on the arduino where some c++ features shine. Also tesla for 8-bit processors at Tektronix. Every one of these was good at something.