Tenth Requisite

The line is drawn. Such non-empaths are not our allies, each and every one of them is part of the problem. Psychopaths simply do not care about the effects of their actions on others or the environment, regardless of the scale of the impact. See page 24 of 35, Good or Evil

This revolution is long overdue, and we are privileged to live in these exciting times, but passively watching from the sidelines, or doing nothing, only helps the criminals, psychopaths, demagogues, and ethically inadequate corporations to create and exploit the pathological chaos and emergent problems that, until now, we have accepted as normal. See Ethical Wisdom


We are rapidly approaching a perilous fork in the road in the evolution of complex Level 2 systems ... but wait, didn't we already pass that with multi-cellular life?

Well, I've finished the paper and I will say it's a great read. But with no falsifiable predictions it must be lumped in with the best work of other science-fiction authors.

See Limits to Growth for contrast.