Testing Marc's Bar Chart

Marc has found some html to draw bar charts. I will save it in an asset here and then display it in a frame.

I would like to create a bar chart for the Spheres of Influence Index. See webpage

I tried the RGraph code but found it had way more dependencies than I wanted to load into assets. I went looking for something from the U of W lab and found Vega-lite. github

They say, The easiest way to use Vega-Lite on your own web page is with Vega-Embed, a library we built to make the process as painless as possible. github


We try their example and it works.

http://ward.dojo.fed.wiki/assets/pages/testing-marcs-bar-chart/bar-chart.html HEIGHT 300

This has a good "out of the box" experience and there is a lot still left in the box. examples