The VSM Guide

A manual for the diagnosis and design of organizational structures to enable social economy enterprises and function with increased efficiency without compromising democratic principles. site

We've translated html to wiki before from epub formats where the entire text is in one html file. This version is more spread out so we will try scraping it together first.


We're write a series of utilities for this work and post them here. We will start from the command line in deno scripts.


We start by counting tags present in each page. We count both start and end tags so expect doubles. expand

We will try incrementally converting pages into wiki's import format. Click a page to browse the conversion. HEIGHT 400

# Issues

We match a </p> with the previous <p> but didn't anticipate there would be stray </p> that thus produce redundant output. text

Possibly related, we have also seen nested <p> as sometimes in <li>. The complains about this. text github