Trails Locate and Extract

We describe the method for page production perfected over a year of documenting the trails in Southwest Portland. See Pandemic Wandering

Fellow travelers may fork this page and use it as described on their own site. If you host images on a farm I run, please, compress images at least as much as I do for my own work. Thank you. github

# Upload

I take pictures with an iPhone and transfer them to my laptop's download folder with AirDrop. This completes in the Preview document viewer/editor.

Select All then Tools > Adjust Size to a width of 1024 pixels or less.

Select one by one to Save As (option Save) with middle quality for a file size of 200 KB.

From the Finder, drag saved files all at once to the Assets folder below.


# Choose

You should see your pictures in the Frame below. Refresh your browser if you don't. Click the picture you will use as the first on a trail page.

You will see this as a ghost Page Template. Fork this to your site to be used in the next step. HEIGHT 400

# Title

Browse the image and map in the newly made Page Template. Compose a title for this trail based on this examination. Create the page using this form.

Create New Page

# Continue

Use shift-click to Choose additional images to appear on the same page. Drag images from the new ghost Page Template. Double-click the map to find the lat/lon for the additional picture. Copy and paste this to the be a second marker on the one map.

Repeat for additional image to be added to the one trail page. One to four images are sufficient. Copy image dates if images are from more than one day.