Ward's Static Graphviz

The goal was to create a Graphviz representation of a wiki lineup, which could be moved around without the contents changing. (Because by default, it's self-referential.)


Accessed plugMatic, as administrator

Installed the newest Graphviz plugin

Restarted the server

Used grep to find wiki pages that use Graphviz

ITEM graphviz

Create an interesting lineup

Made a new page to save the interesting lineup

Ward created this in the demo.

Edited the generated Graphviz markup to remove all but the "static" portion. (This means that it can be moved around, without modifying the contents.)

Dragged the page to the front of the lineup to demonstrate that it didn't change.


This was a little awkward making a place for the static site and then moving the markup to that site. We think this is a case were a template might help. See Using Templates for Diagrams