Work Samples

We provide a collaborative space for creative work. Each community works their own way. In this dojo community leaders share what works. Here mine.

We identify forces that must be resolved for creative collaboration to take place.

How to place dots randomly on the surface of a sphere? discord

A ham activated two new parks in North Dakota. Any near me? site activity

We compute the distance between two places. Input in degrees, output in miles.

I leave the house about once a week to bicycle around the neighborhoods. I look for little trails I might have missed when I had places to go.

A list of programs I've written and now recall. There are lots, organized first by where I was.

Ackoff says Beauty, Good, Truth, and Economy, necessary and sufficient. wiki

I will, for at least a week, compose a graph each day of what I have been thinking.

We explore the definition of functional tests in wiki pages where specific features can be present or invoked by pragmas that begin with ►.

We will write some introductory information about digital radio communications in the Rogue Valley. wikipedia

System thinkers get thermostats all wrong. Leveson is no exception. pdf

We record GPS reports as they arrive for real time analysis and visualization. helium

We host several experimental services some without backup power that require restarts after utility interruptions. plot