Agile India 2021

Would you be interested in presenting at the Agile India conference virtually in Nov 2021? I understand you might not be very keen to speak at an Agile event. Few of the original thought leaders have the same reaction. But sometimes if I ask them enough, they do change their minds.

I am happy to participate remotely. I recognize that agile was born of the desktop computing revolution. I like to say that, like Newton, everything we said is as right as it ever was. This raises what is different about computing today? I’m happy to report the forces I see in play now and there are many.

Ward is a computer programmer who believes in radically simplifying methods. He's best known as the inventor of the first wiki, and one of the pioneers of software design patterns and Extreme Programming, not to mention being a co-author of the Agile Manifesto. It's a real privilege to have Ward sharing from his wealth of experience at Agile India in his keynote: Creativity Before and After Agile.

Abstract: Organisms small and large learn by building a model of the world around them then testing that model against what they see and adjusting accordingly. We'll call this a learning loop. We identify three era in computing based on the nature of this loop and the kind of feedback learning that they support.


# Technology

Timesharing — Read-Eval-Print loop.

Desktop — Iterative Delivery loop.

SaaS — Incident Recovery loop.

# Creativity

Rote Work — Predictable, Manageable.

Creative Work — Unexpected Solutions, Episodes.

Good Work — Velocity, Tech Debt.

# Wiki

Literature — Pattern Language of Programs.

Encyclopedia — Consistent and Trustworthy at Scale.

Federated — Shared Creative Workflows.