Checking in with Helium

My friends tracked in realtime while I pedal across many of the Willamette River's bridges. See Portland Bridge Pedal

The top deck of Marquam and Fremont bridges along with Interstate-405 was turned over to bicycles.

VIMEO 740983858 Published August 19, 2022.

Blue dots show my progress wth updates every 20 seconds. Red dots are the Helium hotspots through which I have reported as I move along. enlarge HEIGHT 400

Sunday morning, Aug. 14, will be the 26th annual celebration of bicycling, offering the opportunity to bike across the car-free upper decks of both the Marquam and Fremont bridges. post faq

We've configured TTGO TBeam Tracker to record complete reports as they arrive. Here we save tracks for further analysis and visualization. helium

I have held the device on my bike with a rubber band. But now, with the delicate screen attached I need something more protective of the circuit parts.