São Paulo XP Lab

Alfredo Goldman writes, I am teaching XP Lab at the University of São Paulo. We started this Lab around 20 years ago, and from last year, with the pandemic, I am inviting specialist to give invited lectures. report


I am happy to talk with students about the past, present and future of agile. I’m not happy to be recorded because this is not a focus of my attention. Here are notes for a talk I have given and has been appreciated. I’m happy to repeat this and then take questions.

I find a lot of energy in recent work in federated wiki. We are close to making good on the promise for a place to do work in wiki as well as a place to talk about doing work. Here we diagram this work, then record traces through the diagram, and then combine the two into an animation we fine useful and you may find interesting.


I have encouraged engineers at any level to be confident that they are delivering their best value if they consciously work to do three things.

- Work on the most important thing. - Work to the best of their ability. - Work in a way visible to others.


I have been influenced by David Woods' notion of Graceful Extensibility. See Woods Criteria applied to XP.


I set out to live code an extension to the Simple CSV Reader using the html scripting conventions we have come to love. I made several mistakes but ultimately quit when I got no complaints from javascript and my button still did not work. Of course this was a simple mistake. I forgot to make dodownload be a function call.

<button onclick=dodownload(event)>download</button>

Since my script discovered the file to be read, I thought it only appropriate that the downloaded file should share the same name. The completed script with the refactoring can be seen in on commit. github