Ward in Seattle

I can't stop. I want markers on the places I remember most, some that must be close to Jeff's. I write a short paragraph on each marker. Click zoom in/out if they aren't working for you.

Jeff mentions some of Seattle's landmarks and gets me going planting markers on a Seattle map.

Where Ward Roams 47.5678631, -122.3507328 I left a water bottle here and made my wife drive back this way to get it but it was gone. trail 47.5827965, -122.4000176 Wanting to head east I once carried my fixie up these stairs. It was lighter and I was stronger then. 47.5926222, -122.3337076 We go to Seattle to watch baseball and stay here across the street. I get up early and explore Seattle by bike. I've also watched games from most every seating area including the Hit-It-Here Cafe and the Owner's box behind home plate. 47.6635886, -122.3994720 I have somewhere a picture of my fixie on this bridge. I descended to the locks on good trails and then headed home by some other route. 47.6858236, -122.3369379 I would tag along on a shopping trip to Wallingford then pass the time on my bike riding around the lake and sometimes stopping for a beer, maybe here at JaK? 47.5553912, -122.2507712 I rode South Lake Washington Boulevard on bicycles-only day which was quite fantastic. 47.6755195, -122.2606856 I rode the Burke-Gilman trail out this way when my son was living here. In an earlier life I rode here from the other direction, over the top of the lake, from Redmond. 47.6403606, -122.2940111 I made it through the Arboretum once then turned around at the maintenance buildings. It is funny what I remember. 47.5497597, -122.3174822 A short tour has me passing through Georgetown. It is only proper to stop for a beer at the original home of Rainier Brewing. BOUNDARY 47.4940086, -122.5588363 BOUNDARY 47.7489367, -122.0386434

Yes, I remembered where the Green Lake Pub was exactly. See me in the mirror. expand

And I found a movie of peddling on bike-only-day. post


I'm sensitive to how much space assets take on a server where I manage backup. I squeeze images to 1024 pixels encoded in jpg squeezed to 200KB.

I was less familiar squeezing video. Online help suggested options I didn't see but I did choose 640 horizontal and would have chosen 320 if it were offered. I used the "trim" option to choose the best 15 seconds out of 30 which seems plenty long on repeat. This reduced 72 MB to 5.3 which is still large in my mind.

Those with lots of video are best using Vimeo or YouTube.


Aside: I keep daily backups for a week and monthly backups for a year. So each megabyte in the server is stored 18 times in backup.


I mention one favorite spot on the west bank of the Duwamish river. This was known as the Terminal 205 Park when I visited. It is now more properly known as the t̓uʔəlaltxʷ Village Park and Shoreline Habitat. trail

The habitat restoration was apparent on my visit as should be obvious in my snapshots. This has continued in my absence. I look forward to visiting again and learning how to pronounce the original name.

After this conversation, in my most recent trip to Seattle I thought it would be a good time for a rewrite of my trails automation. This now makes Seattle the trail root.

We clone and refine our episodic explorations first developed in Portland wandering neighborhoods during the pandemic.