Mock Graph Data

We wrote a mock data generator that was designed to push data into an aggregator, unlike El Dorado that used a pull model. This project never finished but we might reuse the data for other experiments. github

David Ing started the conversation about graphs in 2015. We've probed many approaches since then. github


We will develop various scripts to examine and transform this data into progressively more useful models.

Count Mock Elements and download as single raw file.

Search Mock Elements as a weak raw query.

Now familiar with the raw data, we take a stab at a property graph representation.

Match Nodes and Rels and draw the subgraph.

Cypher in Javascript as example queries.

Parsing Cypher to evaluate with javascript.

Cypher Macros for easy query.

Update from Arrows by parsing json.

Query Refinement extracted from slack dialogs.

We wraped our nascent property graph and query results in class definitions. Now we coax these interfaces forward through use.

Fluent Macros for easy and more powerful queries.

REPL Browsing from deno in the command line.

Graph Navigator interactive explorer.

Graph Viewer with schema and details.

Fork Network Graph from the dojo outward.

Graph Extractor as a collection of CSV files.

We introduce convention with automation guided by a plan, a schema, represented as a model graph.

Navigator Schema from arrows diagram.

Composite Graph from multiple inputs.

Stock and Flow simulation.

Food Web Unbound freeform parse.

Daily Haiku Graph created within Marc's schema.

Rabbit Breeding from vensim simulation.

Revised Navigator Schema with Marc's input.

Learning Navigation Schema with Thompson's guidance.

We're excited about the Graph abstraction and start collecting example applications.

Travel Graph Demo for the Graph home page.

Neo4j Movie Graph sampled and converted.

Mock El Dorado as first use of new cypher query.

Query Generator for Mock El Dorado.

SigMod Example Unbound for test case.

Saved Graph Test Data from the repo


We expect each model to occupy a single file working our way toward El Dorado like applications.


Here we collect various mentions of the work we've done observing software through the metadata produced throughout its creation and operation. See Tips for Modeling